Here at Nurse Anesthetist Org you will find topics related to Nurse Anesthesia including people and events that are important to our professional practice. This web site is about people not policy, personal experience and events rather than politics.

An important feature of the web site is the blog section where students and long time practitioners tell their stories. This site is a snap shot of what it is like to become a Nurse Anesthetist and the events that shape the professional and personal lives of the people in the profession of Nurse Anesthesia.

This is a place for those interested in Nurse Anesthesia practice. The site will be growing over the next weeks and months. The content here will have contributors from all levels of Nurse Anesthesia practice including students as well as those long in the tooth with experience who may share with us what it is like to be a member of this profession.

This web site does not represent any public or private institution and the views expressed here are of the posters alone. This website is an informal look at Nurse Anesthesia from the inside. If there are any questions about the site please feel free to contact the webmaster.


Tim Vale and crew




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