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I have to tell you all that the schedule of a Student Nurse Anesthetist as a senior does not allow much time for writing. This is a great regret for me and during the next month the site will receive more attention. We have all kinds of ideas for articles that I have started but not finished which will be finished soon. Additionally, if anyone would like to contribute an experience, event or clinical tidbit, just drop a comment or email and I will add it to the site.

I received a note today from American Health Care, a full service CRNA placement firm asking me to consider putting a link on NurseAnesthetist.org to their web site. I checked them out and the company has a great web site. Here is a little blurb from their site:

Your CRNA Jobs center

  • Achieve the professional respect they deserve as physicians and CRNAs, through employment at a respected hospital or specialized medical center.
  • Find better employment as physicians or CRNAs in their own communities, without having to relocate to higher-paying markets.
  • Find employment in a new city or state where the CRNA or physician wants to relocate, before moving there.
  • Explore their options at a variety of potential employers of physicians and CRNAs, without having to submit applications to each one individually.
  • Explore their employment options discreetly, with full respect for their privacy provided by an ironclad privacy guarantee.
  • Your Privacy with us is very important.

So what do you think. Do they deserve a link on the site or not? I ask this because up to this point I have not had any commercial interest associated with this little project. Your input is needed and much appreciated.

In the coming weeks there will be much going on here so check back soon.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Anesthesiology is a medical sepicalty. Nurses are anesthetists. BIG difference. You’ll need to learn that if you hope to become an anesthetist.If you can’t do that research yourself, I doubt that you have what it takes to be a competent nurse anesthetist. Laziness is frowned upon.


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