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The University of Southern California program of nurse anesthetist awarded Bob Naruse, M.D. the faculty award this year. Dr. Naruse is staff anesthesiologist at Cedars Sinai Hospital where many of us do our neuro rotations. It is here that I met Dr. Bob and became acquainted with the low opioid techniques for craniotomy surgery that are routinely used there. Today several of our classmates were able to present the award to him in person. Unfortunately I was not able to attend but sent my best wishes and called him on the phone as a follow up.

Our lives have been enriched by his mentorship and example of excellence in patient centered anesthesia care. Thank you Dr. Bob Naruse and we will all make you proud. What follows is a letter I received from him after today’s presentation.

Dear ‘SC Class of 2006,I must admit that I am truly touched by your award. Working with such a distinguished group of anesthetists made my job easy and fun. I can’t remember a class that I’ve enjoyed more than yours. I know that each of you will be outstanding anesthetists for years to come and I want to congratulate each of you for the great achievement of completing graduate school. I am proud of you.

Please pass along your knowlege, especially that which is not in the textbooks. I know that eventually your colleagues will be impressed with your airway management skills as am I. We owe it to our patients to provide the best care possible.

Take care and best wishes in the future. Fight On!!!

Yours truly,
Bob Naruse
Da cedarsgasman

So there you have it. This week many of us are studying for CCNA board exams. My test date is the 20th of this month. Pressure, a little, confidence, a lot. I will let you all know how our class does.

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  1. propofolguy says:

    Good Luck for the CCNA board exams…

    Portugal is with you… 🙂

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Nuno,

    I will let you know how it goes and never give up the dream. DG

  3. ataliebowles says:

    Remember to check out This is a GREAT CCNA board exam review! Good luck…

  4. admin says:


    Thank you so much for the link. Just checked out prodigyanesthsia and it looks like a very good review. The sample test kicked butt.


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