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“OH NO MR. BILL the CCNA exam is coming in a few days and even after years of study and preparation I do not feel ready”, the little voice whispers in the back of my head. What to do about those voices.

Just as all others that have come before and for those that follow there no way around this mountain except to climb each day a little further. I have kept a picture of K2 on my wall for many years and I keep whispering to myself that one day I will be over the crest. That day is so soon approaching that it is almost too much to comprehend.
Here is a plan for CCRN board exam preparation that I have used:

Attend a Review Course. I did the Valley Anesthesia Review, there are others?
Select a few concise books for reference.

  • Morgan and Mikhail Clinical Anesthesiology
  • Barash Handbook
  • Sota Omoigui’s Drug Handbook.
  • Valley Review Course material. The Sweat Book, the Memory Master and the Mixed Reviews.
  • Anesthesiology Review by Ronald Faust

I have read through the Sweat Book twice and the Memory Master a couple of times and The Mixed Reviews from Valley anesthesia I keep with me all the time. I read through these frequently.

The Faust Anesthesiology Review is a great one to look stuff up quickly for refresher. These past three weeks since graduation I have spent 6 to 10 hours a day reading and reviewing questions and looking stuff up quickly that I needed clarification on. I feel that I am ready for the exams but still have so much to learn. I just found out about another on-line review that could be helpful. It is called Prodigy Anesthesia. This is an on-line review and workbook type thing. I checked it out and it seems very good. Highly recommended for someone that has more than a couple of days before the scheduled exam. Another board prep on line I found is CRNA Secrets. If you do check it out let us know if it helped or not with boards.
Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. Our class will get together for a big party once these exams are over so every one will know about our success.

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  1. propofolguy says:

    Good luck…for today!!!

    Tell us how it was…



  2. propofolguy says:

    By the way, do you know where i can find Foreign Nurse Anesthetist (from Portugal)?!?!?



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