Jim's Pediatric Sheet Update


One of the pleasures that I have today is to work with really great people. One of those individuals is Jim Carey who just happens to be the Vice-President of the California Association of Nurse Anesthetists (CANA). Jim has revamped his pediatric reference sheet and I just put the new version up on the web site here under Clinical Documents. The new version of Jim Carey’s Pediatric Sheet in PDF format can be reached here for your downloading pleasure. This little sheet is very helpful as a reference and general guideline when considering pediatric anesthetic choices. It must be remembered that anesthesia is an every changing applied medical science and any reference sheet is just that – a reference and does not replace sound clinical judgment so user be forewarned.

I was in the local court house the other day fulfilling my Jury Duty summons. While passing through the check point the security guard commented on the book that I was carrying at the time, “Basics of Anesthesia” by Stoelting and Miller who are the editors of the current edition. The security guard perks up and asks me, “Could you do anesthesia after reading that book…….its like Betty Crocker right?” I had to laugh and answer that, “No it would take a lot more than just reading this little book to be able to do safe anesthesia.” So I guess the pediatric sheet is like that too. Having the sheet will help you out Students but will not replace studying the big texts, clinical mentor-ship and years of experience.

Thanks Jim for the update I will save a copy and put it in my little folder which I carry with me in to the OR. Small note: Jim recently sent me a couple of pictures from last Halloween and I have enclosed one of them for your amusement. Pardon me Jim it is just too good to pass up!

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