New Media for a New Century


This year is going to be a great year for our new incoming SRNA class here at USC.  We are all so much looking forward to the meet and greet coming up next weekend in Malibu.

What is planned for the coming season is to incorporate New Media and “On the Go” technology into the academic mix. Students today want to find information outside of the class room from their portable devices.  With this in mind I have been looking into a couple of new ways to keep students interested and focused.  A great quote I recently heard is, “Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire.”  William Butler Yeats.

With this in mind, I have opened up a Twitter feed called SRNA Cafe focused on education for the nurse anesthetist student.  I hope that you find it useful.  Check it out and if interested in the content “Follow” on Twitter.

Another kind of cool on line way to create content and review material is to connect to to make review cards for yourself.  One of the best methods I have ever found to study is to create flash cards.  The act of making the cards puts the information in another part of the brain.  These connections is what creates memory.  To create recall, frequent review to strengthen the neuronal pathways to that information is what is needed.  For me, making flash cards and reviewing them often works for memorization of data.

We do have a lot of data and information to memorize you know.  The scary thing about medical information is it keeps updating and expanding with time.  In the final analysis there is too much informaiton to know and keep up with.  We have to find ways of on the spot – where we are -access to current thought and research.  Most of this will come later for our students who are just know being introduced to the subjects.  There is much of the basics that do not change much and for now lets focus on that.

Good luck to all of the incoming SRNA’s no matter which program you are in.  Keep focused and above all have fun knowing you are entering one of the greatest adventures of your life.


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  1. Making your own review cards online? That’s a great idea. Flash cards never worked for me because my handwriting is so pathetic, although I could light the fire of education with them. 😀

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  3. jessica says:

    can anyone tell me when the CRNA program at USC commences? I am assuming August, but is it mid-August? or the end of the month? Or even September?

  4. David says:


    Graduation is the last day of August. Sometimes the new class starts a couple of weeks earlier.



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