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Obama_Peace_PrizeIn an unexpected announcement this morning, sitting President Obama was elected the Nobel Peace Prize winner for 2009.  Wow!

The New York Times Opinion section had a great statement today concerning this announcement,

“Mr. Obama has bolstered this country’s global standing by renouncing torture, this time with credibility; by pledging to close the prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba; by rejoining the effort to combat climate change and to rid the world of nuclear weapons; by recommitting himself to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and by offering to engage Iran while also insisting that it abandon its nuclear ambitions.”

In the NPR news program Left Right and Center, the topic of discussion turned toward the awarding of this prestigious award.  The comments were mixed and portrayed the ambivalence that surrounds this announcement.  Will Pres Obama fulfill the expectations that are now heaped upon him or will he like Henry Kissinger, secretary of state to Richard Nixon who won the prize in 1973 for establishing a cease-fire in Vietnam be viewed as a total disappointment?  Henry Kissinger winning the Noble Peace Prize is thought by some to be the theater of the absurd after he escalated the war in Vietnam!

Former President Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 for his efforts to “wage peace” through negotiations with world leaders. But the award was also viewed as a signal of disapproval toward the Bush administration’s march to war with Iraq, of which Carter was a vocal opponent.  Is the election of Obama is another world vote of disapproval against the Bush campaign of disinformation, and global US government expansionism.  Maybe.

My bet is that this is a voice from outside the US saying, “Thank you America for waking up!  Thank you for joining the civilization of the world and seeking to end the proliferation of atomic weapons, encourage the reduction of global warming and initiating talks that will settle the disputes between the Israelis and the Palestinians.  I think the New York Times said it better.

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  1. You absolute knucklehead. It’s what I would expect from someone in the midst of the bastion of liberalism. Under Obama and the liberal regime in California you find yourself broke and flooded with illegals, which go hand in hand. This Nobel awarding is quite reminicent of the general election that placed this pretender in office, a feely good action with no basis for making sense at all. Meanwhile he and his liberal toadies are single handedly destroying the health care system in this country on the backs of Medicare recipients and the middle class. Not quite the change OR the hope everyone was promised. As a matter of fact, I’ve not seen a promise fulfilled from this dolt except to radicalize the left wing of politics and lie at every turn of his arrogant head. The one good thing that has come from his “act” is he’s no longer in Illinois and we say good ridence to this clown. If you think anyone has awakened it’s the people who mistakenly voted for him and I think we’ll see their slumber has ended and will produce a correction of their sleep walking ballot casting. You truely are hearing voices from the outside and if you prefer their guidance in our affairs, good luck.

  2. David says:

    Hey, Leonard – thanks. Yes, I am a knucklehead and I did vote for the man from Illinois. No so sure about it now but yes the illegal flooding the health care system is a back breaker!

    For the Record I am a registered Republican. Go figure.

  3. Keith says:

    Oh boy, people are always afraid of change. I guess Bush did an excellent job. We should have kept him if we could, so our country could drive in the dung hole even further. Bush and McCain said, “The economy is strong” Wow! We just keep doing the same process that never works. As long as your wallets are fat who cares. Keep the Bush era alive.

  4. maryannRN says:

    I guess people like Leonard would rather hit the rewind button back to the Bush era. I wonder if this is the vitriol that was rumored to be behind the attack on Rep Gabrielle Gifford. I’d much rather be living in the current USA where the economy is head upward as opposed to circling the drain, where the list of countries that hate us is dwindling, and where there is an air of hope and positivity as opposed to fear and a government that is corrupt and has no transparency. Get out of living under a rock…this country has been in need of new leadership, a new mindset, and not leaders who are out for their own gain. My suggestion…get out of the fast lane because it’s people like you who prevent positive change from happening.

  5. knockoutboyce says:

    Bout’ 4 years later… maybe batted 2 for 5. Just another politician making lofty promises. THE AWARD should go for what people have done not what they promise to or hope to based on idealology. We all would get the nobel peace prize then. And keith now Obama is saying the same thing today -the economy is strong maryann yep economy is heading upward. Spend spend spend. It doesnt take a genious or a nobel prize winner to spend I guess Obummer is just keeping up with the Kardashians. And yes I’m a democrat. All politicians repubs or dems or tbaggers are not that much different. Empty Promises to get elected and payback to supporters and lobbyists and unions. And we as crnas are not hurting like many in the US, We still need to be compassionate to not only our patients but all our Soldiers, veterans, family and all our friends and fellow brothers and sisters that are hurting – many due to the bumbling bickering idiots in Washington.


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