Three Cheers for Berny


David Avitar ArrowheadLife is so good sometimes. Today I received a great letter from my dear friend Berny. Between finishing up finals this semester and the rigors of clinical rotations, receiving this letter from Berny is a great treat. Sometimes you have to see where you have come from to appreciate where you are now. The workload lately has been tremendous this second year of nurse anesthesia training and this is one of the little rewards along the way that I wanted to pass along.


How is life treating you? How are your holidays? Well, I just wanted to write you to update you. I got accepted to Buffalo, New York. New York was my number one pick! I just want to thank you for helping me out with all your advice and encouragement. You have helped me a lot, more than you’ll ever know! Thank you for taking the time to write the awesome recommendations you wrote me! Anesthesia school has been my goal for so long! I’m finally going to make it happen! David, I can’t THANK YOU enough! I hope life is treating you and your wife well!

Happy Holidays!


Berny is a friend of mine from UCLA that I have been encouraging to pursue a career in nurse anesthesia. We worked together in the cardio-thoracic ICU for a couple of years before I jumped ship and trapped off to school at USC – the cross town rival.

Congratulations Bernadette on your acceptance to the University of Buffalo and their great nurse anesthesia program. You will love it there I am sure. Josette, another contributor here at has is a student at Buffalo and will show you the ropes at Buffalo. Good luck and continue to study hard. It is all so worth it.

I am so happy for Bernadette. Good for her. You see if Berny and I can get into school after lots of hard work and preparation, those with enough determination and desire will succeed. Again, congratulations to Berny on being accepted into anesthesia school at the University of Buffalo.


  1. kehinde says:

    Hey Berny you just got accepted in December? Well, I am still waiting to hear. I had my interview in December


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