Upgrades and Revamping


For all those that have sent along encouragement and well wishes, I thank you.  Yes, it’s true, I have been sick.  Sick and tired of all the bedevilments that a web-slave, AKA web-master, can run into.  The last several months have been interesting to say the least in revamping and updating  Again, many thanks for those that have sent along encouragement.

As you can see by just looking around that the look of the web site is different.  This comes from a new format, thanks to iThemes and updated software from WordPress.  With all of the revamping going on, the work has spurred me into more diligence in keeping things rolling here.  The result is that there should me more frequent updates and added content to the web site in the coming months.  Stay tuned and again thank you to all the well wishers.

Now, lets eat!

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