Valley Anesthesia Review


Valley Anesthesia Review course for those that know is a great three day review for preparing for the CRNA certification exam given by the AANA. This certification exam is a very extensive computer controlled test prepared for the graduate nurse anesthetist. Unlike our physician colleges we cannot practice our profession of Nurse Anesthesia without national certification……you did know that physicians can practice anesthesia without Board Certification, we cannot.

Valley Anesthesia Review

One of the great things about going across the country for this kind of review course is that you run into old friends. Josette was here in Ohio for the review course. You may recall that she is from the nurse anesthesia program at Buffalo New York. It was so great to see her and meet her friends from their program. I did not take too many pictures while at the Review Course but what I have is uploaded to flickr.

Four of us from the University of Southern California along with another one hundred and fifty some odd other graduating students sat, studied and listened to the lectures and presentation given at the Marriott Airport Hotel in Cleveland Ohio this past weekend. Todd, Elisha Christy and I traveled together from Los Angeles to Ohio this past Thursday for the review course. The presentation of the review material was excellent and gave us all a plan of action for studying for the certification exam that will come up for us in another 9 or 10 months or so. That is plenty of time to get a really good handle on all of this material. The amount of information is exhaustive and is the summation of years of studying.

The best story I heard this weekend was about this Navy guy taking the review course with us. After completing his two and a half year program and thousands hours of clinical it all comes down to this one comprehensive exam. If he does not pass on the first try the US Military will ship him out to the front lines as a staff RN. OH MY GOD, can you imagine that pressure. At least we can get a second shot at the certification exam if we do not pass it the first time. Well, we will all pass and go on with our careers so that is not even an option. However, how would you like that kind of pressure on you after several intense years of studying……pass this exam son or to the front lines with you for two years. Actually, it’s not a problem.

Elisha and DG have been getting up at O’Dark thirty every morning to get our seats in the conference room. The first morning I got into the great hall which was almost as dark as the outside landscape here in Ohio to see a figure way down in front huddled over her books preparing for the start of the day. I thought that I was nuts to get there so early but I guess Elisha and I are of the same mind. You know, “The Early Bird………..catches the worm.”

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